Easy Steps to Subscribe a “DREAM JOB”







1. First of all, you have to navigate to DREAM JOB page. https://www.rekruited.com/en/dreamjob


2. Here you will find two ways to Subscribe your DREAM JOB.

  1. Connect with facebook
  2. Subscribe Now

2.1: If you wish to first look for your DREAM JOB, then you should navigate through Subscribe Now Link. 2016-06-27_11-31-492.2: After clicking on “Subscribe Now” button you will be directed to above page, with countries listing and a search bar.

  • Here you can Directly “Search for a desired CITY” or Can select a country first. 2016-06-27_11-31-49
  • For example, let’s search for “Amsterdam”. 2016-06-27_11-43-54
  • Since we search “Amsterdam” in the search bar, after waiting couple of seconds we receive all results in our database with city name “Amsterdam”
  • Clicking on desire city will promote us to Job position page while selecting Desired city. 2016-06-27_11-48-23
  • Here you can see, We have breadcrumbs (Netherlands & Amsterdam) and we are on Job Position page now.
  • Here you can Search or select your desired Job Role, similarly as we select City.
  • NOTE: Selecting a city and a Job Role is Mandatory, for initial Subscription.
  • Let’s Search “Job ROLE” as “Marketing manager”2016-06-27_11-55-53
  • Just clicking on the Desired Role you will be promoted to next page.

2.3. This is the final page to subscribe a job, here you have to insert your email address and have to accept T&C, to register and subscribe the Desired Dream Job.2016-06-27_12-47-05

2.4. You can also “Connect with Facebook” so you will not need to insert your email address. And you will not need to remember your password as well.