starting recruiting activity

Why a FREE applicant tracking system and what’s behind?

We launch rekruited since a while, someone can think: strange decision, where is the trick.
How can this company afford this business model when all are asking money.

The answer is simple one: the ability to dream.

The idea of recruited start to growth  in the  mind of the owner of the company two years ago, he has a past experience in a business social network and a expertise as recruiter for several companies for more or less 10 years.

The question that he did to himself each time he was doing interviews is the same…. why I can not make interview to ALL the candidates before to hire them, to be sure to have selected the right one.

The question is not stupid, because one thing is to read the curriculum of a person, another thing is to ask him the important question about the work,  more than about the work about the behavior he will have on the job, and time for an entrepreneur is the scarcest thing in this competitive world.

From that the idea to publish a tool that allow that: the first screening interview, to allow recruiters to use their time with candidates already screened and sorted by personal criteria.

The tool is not a complete applicant tracking systems (free), but a magic sorter that will allow to recruiters to ask one by one the same questions to all candidates for a job.
To give the right to reach the in person interview to the better candidate only.

Initially we make the wrong move:  to set a price list and tell… pay to use it.

The applicant tracking system market is crowded and we are “little” to play against player like taleo (Oracle) or Successfactor (SAP).

We have to find a new way, the new way is the way of “free” where the money will come from advertising space on the platform….

We address that this at end of last year. But that mean that the focus of all is different than before, not more is important that a recruiter will use it, but that thousand of candidate will approach them.

This way we had to find something that offer to candidate something that never other place has to offer.

The idea came this spring, when we identify that ALL the actual “recruitment” platform are based on public profile where candidate have to be visible (like linkedin, or hidden visible like monster).

But if I’m a great manager, or better a tech specialist maybe my boss don’t like that I’m out with my secrets… on a public page.

The bid is the way to find like in matching dating platform a way to make possible to receive job offer ONLY for what we want to do, without to be in the middle of a square.

The solution that came in mind is DREAMJOB, the possibility to book a job in a city, or more job in more city BEFORE those are available.
We made a big work to achieve that, the website is huge, you can navigate between a big number of city and job to find YOUR job, and simply subscribe it.

Recruiters will be able to promote their job to this category WITHOUT to have the email address of potential candidates….

The control is in the hand of subscriber that will receive from recruited the request of job publisher, he will evaluate the job descriptions… if interesting WILL DO THE online INTERVIEW, and will be evaluated by the system that will rank all candidates for recruiters. After interview, candidate will be able to upload a CV visible only to the recruiter that has done the job post.

The website is now very huge, millions pages indexed that are driving every day new subscriber in the platform (help us to spread the voice…).

Why that, and how….. we haven’t explained why we are able to be free for now… without traffic in the past (before to start), because we are able to dream, the owner of the platform is a SEO specialist that is growing the web marketing company in Italy since some years, and is betting all the money that he is doing with company work in this adventure, because he trust that a place where all will have the opportunity to be interviewed… and the better will reach final in person interview…. deserve to be created, in this world of rising robots that will leave to us fewer opportunity to be selected for a job.

We are a great web marketing company, now track  here how we will growth this platform, help us sharing social (we add this summer the possibility) the job/city page you think are great on dreamjob section.

If you are like us a dreamer, for sure you’ll understand why we have choosen the free way.

If the idea will work, we will be winner only if the user will be winner, and in this case we will have done something good, at least if will not work, we have already given work for building that to at least 10 people in those two years, and that, is already a good thing.

Now only time will tell us if we have only dreamed. Or we can continue to expand the concept…. with new features… and new work for the builders of this future successful platform.