Easy steps to Create a “Job” and “Invite candidates” for Screening interview

201. As a Recruiter, you should login or register yourself on our portal. (You can Register or Login Yourself by email or Facebook)





2. Click on the Register or Login as Recruiter and then you will be promoted to the following page.


3. Insert your credentials here.3

4. To add a new job at the portal, you should then use the tab named “JOBS”4D

5. After clicking on the Add Job you will then promoted to this following page, where you have to insert all the required field to add a job. E

6. After inserting all the data you have to activate the job and click on the interview.


7. To create an interview you first have to chose the time duration on interview and have to set the number of questions. G

8. After completing hit the button to create questions. here you have possibilities to select the type of the questions and their marks. H

9. Choose the compulsory or non compulsory questions. I

10. Here you have the possibilities If you want to relate next question with last one or if you want to create the completely new question.

11. After completing the questionnaire go back to “JOB” page where you will find the new job as below.5


12. You can get the spontaneous link, Directly invite candidates with their email (separate with the comma (“,”) to invite multiple people also now you can invite Dream Job subscribers.67

13. The System will send an email to all invited candidates as following.





14. You can view your sent invitations (remember Dream job subscribers will remain hidden)P

15. Later you can check candidates in “candidates tab” who has answered to your invitation.Q