Easy Steps to Conduct Successful Recruiting Activities on www.rekruited.com

recruitmentREKRUITED is a new and innovative recruiting platform, with which employers/recruiters are given the opportunity to reach the right candidates, saving them long hours of manually screening CVs.
The list of candidates is sorted and screened by the system, using the criteria of the questionnaire set by employers. Good respondents have sorted automatically and ranked, according to the allocated marks in the questionnaire. Thus, candidates are rewarded not for luck but for merit.

Top candidates can then be contacted for in-person interviews after this first automated screening.

Rekruited.com, a 100% free service, will help to save the endless hours that are normally spent reading numerous CVs in order to choose the right candidate. This time-consuming task will soon become a thing of the past!

Recruitment was never so easy before REKRUITED!

Only Four Steps to reach ideal candidate(s)…

  • Registration/Login as a Recruiter
  • Adding a Job
  • Create an Interview
  • Inviting Candidates

Registration/Login as a Recruiter

  1. To access recruiting services of our portal, you should register yourself on our portal to use our FREE Applicant tracking service.
  2. You can Register Yourself by email or for more speedy registration you can use with Facebook, LinkedIn and Google account too.
  3. If you already registered, Please directly go to the Login to enjoy our free applicant tracking system.


4. On the right corner of the screen you can see there are two buttons called “Login and Registration” to register yourself, please Click on the Register as Recruiter and then you will be promoted to the following page.11

5. After clicking the Button “Register as Recruiting Agency” You will navigate to the page to register yourself.

You just need to allow access incase of using social media buttons, and as soon you will allow access you will directly land to your profile, without receiving any confirmation email.

please Accept privacy and policy and Terms and conditions to proceed.


6. In case you are using an email address to register, you will then receive an email to verify your email address to avoid spamming.

That email  will be containing a link to verify your account, as soon you will click on the link. you will be registered properly and will be directed to  your profile as Recruiter. below is an email screenshot for confirmation. 41

5. If you already registered on our platform as recruiting agency, please login yourself with appropriate login button as shown in the image.


6. Insert your credentials here or use Facebook, LinkedIn or google buttons to Login.

Remember! if you are using the same email address for your social accounts, you can use any of the social media buttons to login. The system will direct you to your profile, performing a check on your email address.


Adding a Job

1. After login, There you are, you will be landing on your dashboard, where you can see the summary of your posted jobs and a free messages board.

To add a new job at the portal, you should then use the tab named “JOBS”.


2. After clicking on the “Jobs” section, you will then promoted to this following page, where you have to insert all the required field to add a job.

Here you will find a button “Add New Job”. Please click on it to add a new job. Or If you want to invite candidates for your already inserted jobs, you can use the radio button to invite candidates directly. 11

3. Here you need to insert the required fields, like… JOB title, Job description, Job validity. After inserting all the data you have to activate the job.

To speed up your recruiting activity we have inserted direct link to allow you to create an interview so click on the interview button to create an Interview.


Create an Interview

1. After completing Job details, Please hit the button the “create Interview”. Here you have possibilities to select the type of the questions and their marks.

To create an interview you first have to choose the Title, time duration of the interview and also set the number of questions.8

2. Then, Enter the text of the question, Choose the options as desired, Insert a valuation marks for a question and Choose the compulsory or non-compulsory questions. And then hit Save. which will navigate you to next question. 9

Inviting Candidates

After completing the questionnaire, you are good to invite candidates for your job, so go back to the “JOB ” tab where you will find the new job as below.

1. Please select the Radio (o) Button for invitation sending options.


2. a.There you are, Here you will find three different buttons with whom you can Share the spontaneous link, directly invite candidates with their email addresses.

b.Dating With Recruiters

And Now we are introducing our most powerful Feature for recruiting, which we call “Dating With Recruiters” Also now you can invite ‘Dream Job’ subscribers for your job post, but in Bling manner.

123. a. As shown as Number (1) Now You can share a Job link directly to Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ by clicking on the appropriate button. Your interview link will be posted directly to the social network you chose. Thus, people can directly register and answer your interview from social media.
b. Invite candidates directly with their email address, you can also invite multiple people by only inserting comma “,” between email addresses.
c. Invite Dream Job subscribers by Selecting Location  and Job title. (Remember: “Dream Job subscribers” will remain Hidden, unless they respond to your sent invitation.13

4. If you chose inviting people with their email addresses and dream job subscribers. The System will send an email to all invited candidates as following, which will contain job code and a link to register and

The System will send an email to all invited candidates as the following, which will contain job code and a link to answer your interview after registering themselves. 14

5. After sending an invitation by email address, You can view your sent invitations in the section called “Job Invitations” (Remember: Dream job subscribers will remain hidden)15
6. Once candidate will answer on your invitation, you will receive an email alert and Later you can also check candidates in “candidates tab” who has answered to your invitation.

Most Interestingly, here you will see candidates evaluation, Best respondents are shown at the top and their marks are displayed.

16We Hope you enjoy reading our Blog and we will be gladly welcoming you to our free applicant tracking system.
Keep enjoying our free applicant tracking system and innovative candidate matching platform. If you need any help, Please use the contact form in the help section, we are at your disposal. Cheers!