How to start a successful recruiting activity

starting recruiting activityAll recruiters are obsessed by the same pain:

will be the candidate enough smart for my customer?
This question can be answered only after an interview, a real good interview, an interview that cover all field of knowledge…. but why we (recruiter) are losing time with a lot of people that did don’t fit the minimal coverage of the requested attitudes and knowledges?

Why we lose time in interviewing people that, at the fourth answer, we know that they are not… the right one, and we have to spend with those at least 20 minutes of our time as respect of the time they have dedicated to us….

And what is the respect of our recruiters time… has this value in mind:

to leave the tool to do the first interview, with the basic questions, asking to ALL the candidates the same concepts and values, to make a fair selection of the candidates.

Candidates not for the work, but for the real interview with the recruiter that has to evaluate only the candidates that are fitting their personal values, schemas and questions.

Is not an automated algorithm that make the first interview but the specific question of recruiter with their ability to understand and weight the choosed answer candidate side, different weight for each question list, because any customer is different and need to be handled as unique.

We will multiply the power of each recruiter allowing it to multiply themselves in parallel interviewing abilities in immaginary time.

Why to do that with us, and not with more complex/complete applicant tracking systems? Why we are doing a simple thing “interviews” well and in a simple manner. Candidate have to find a simple place where to answer in a comfortable way, not a complicate software that confuses their abilities.

starting recruiting activity


Recruiter side…  once we have screened and ordered all candidates… we are sure you recruiter will handle your info with your useful tool, we are doing only one thing… well. powered recruiters will deliver successful selections to their customers, our value is the success of our customers, our value is the value of the single recruiter that in our tool find the way to multiply they results with the same effort.

How to start a recuiting activity? Simple: use it’s free (COMPLETELY FREE) and will give you superpowers.